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May 20, 2006


Matt Stone

Nigel. That last paragraph of yours gave me a cackle. The 'alarm' I apparently cause appeals to the mischievious side of me I suppose.

But lest your readers misunderstand, let me just say my attempts at rattling cages are far from frivolous. They are deadly serious, even the satirical ones.

Jesus was not a safe man, he did not hang out with safe people, he did not teach safe teachings, he did not undertake safe actions and he did not settle for safe symbols. He did not settle for a safe mission. I aspire to be like that. And I am always open to giving an account for that, to anyone who has concerns.

I am aware there are dangers of engaging with new spiritualities, more than people may suspect, but I am even more aware though of the dangers of not engaging. That last is what I would ask people to take seriously.

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