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May 10, 2007



Hi Nigel,

thought i would check in and say hello.

Triumph and Tragedy - a recent message from Bethel church by Bill Johnson in Redding California was given this title. you can listen through itunes by going to http://www.ibethel.org/features/podcast/?page=75. Amazing contrast between the ultimate triumph and hope held in the gospel that God heals and delivers held along side the mystery of death and suffering. Worth a listen. Bill was the guest speaker at New Wine Leaders in Harrogate.

Also listening to Brian Zahnd (http://www.wolc.com/sites/v2/). This guy is amazing in linking the word of faith with a truly thoughtful and insightful ministry. The message is Triumph and Suffering pt3 i think. All of his material is worth listening to.

Hope you are well - and training is really fruitful for you.


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